Cap Table Management Software: A Comprehensive Comparison

Cap Table Management Software: A Comprehensive Comparison

Managing your company’s capitalization table (cap table) is a crucial aspect of its financial operations. A cap table is a record of all the shares, options, and warrants of a company’s stock and who owns them. It is essential to keep this information up to date, accurate and accessible for your company’s development stages, funding rounds, and exit events. Using cap table management software can help you automate this process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your business needs? In this article, we will compare some popular cap table management software solutions.

1. Carta

Carta is a leading cap table management software that serves over 20,000 companies worldwide. Their platform offers automated compliance, valuation, and portfolio management tools, as well as a 409A valuation service. Carta also provides financial reporting and analysis features to help companies stay on top of their financial performance. Their pricing structure starts at $19 per month per employee and increases based on the number of cap table holders.

2. Gust Equity Management

Gust Equity Management is another popular cap table management software that can be used for equity management, investor relations, and fundraising. Their platform offers real-time reporting, a drag-and-drop portfolio checker, and a 409A valuation tool. Gust Equity Management offers various pricing plans, starting at $93 per month.

3. Shareworks by Morgan Stanley

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley is a cloud-based equity management tool designed to help pre-IPO and public companies manage their equity compensation plans. Their platform offers a range of features, including vesting schedules, electronic equity approvals, and customizable payout scenarios. Shareworks also provides legal documents templates to help companies stay compliant with tax and securities regulations. Shareworks by Morgan Stanley offers custom pricing based on company size and features required.

4. Capshare

Capshare is a cap table management tool that is popular among startup companies. Capshare offers a user-friendly interface and robust reporting capability. Their platform allows companies to manage investors, documents, and has 409A valuation tools built-in. Capshare’s pricing starts at $299 per month.

5. Ledgy

Ledgy is designed to help startup companies manage their equity and investor relationships, with a strong focus on transparency and accuracy. Ledgy offers valuation tools, powerful reporting, and electronic document signing. Their platform also features a virtual data room that streamlines the due diligence process for fundraising and mergers and acquisitions. Ledgy’s pricing starts at $30 per month for up to ten cap table holders.

6. Eqvista

Eqvista is a cap table management software designed for private companies, startups, and small to mid-sized enterprises. Their platform offers features such as cap table tracking, funding management, share issuance, and shareholder management. Eqvista also provides valuation tools, electronic share issuance, and support from dedicated advisors. Eqvista’s pricing starts at $7 per month per stakeholder.

7. VC Analytics

VC Analytics is a cap table management software designed for venture capital firms and their portfolio companies. Their platform offers real-time portfolio management, analytics, and benchmarking tools to help firms make informed investment decisions. VC Analytics helps companies track stock and option grants, stock purchases, and convertibles. Their pricing starts at $69 per user per month.

8. Capdesk

Capdesk is a cap table management software that helps companies automate their equity payouts and vesting schedules. Their platform offers comprehensive management tools for employee shares and company options. Capdesk allows for a seamless integration of payroll and accounting platforms, reducing administrative burdens. Capdesk’s pricing starts at $2 per month per shareholder.


Selecting the right cap table management software for your company depends on your unique requirements and preferences. Carta, Gust Equity Management, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, Capshare, Ledgy, Eqvista, VC Analytics, and Capdesk are all excellent choices to consider. The features, functionalities, and pricing structures of each platform vary, depending on the size and stage of your company. Choose the one that fits your company’s present and future growth needs to succeed.