Capchase: Innovative financing for growth companies

Capchase: Innovative Financing for Growth Companies

The ultimate goal of any growth-focused company is to achieve sustainable growth in the long run. However, that growth requires a lot of capital investment. And this investment needs to be made at a time when the company is not yet profitable or is not generating enough revenue to sustain the growth.

This is where Capchase comes in – it’s an innovative financing solution that provides a bridge between a company’s growth potential and the necessary capital. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Capchase and how it can help businesses achieve their growth goals.

What is Capchase?

Capchase is a financial technology company that helps businesses unlock the value of their future recurring revenue streams, providing funding to help accelerate growth. Rather than waiting for the recurring payments to come in, Capchase provides an upfront payment, thus enabling the business to invest in growth initiatives and unlock value faster.

Capchase offers its clients a financing solution that converts future expected recurring revenue into upfront cash. This financing option is attractive for businesses that are looking to invest in growth initiatives but don’t yet have the necessary cash or credit to finance them.

Capchase is particularly helpful for businesses with strong product-market fit and predictable recurring revenue streams, such as software as a service (SaaS) companies.

How Capchase Works

Capchase works by analyzing a business’s recurring revenue streams and estimating the present value of that revenue over time. It then offers an upfront payment to the business based on that present value, with an agreed return on investment.

The business repays Capchase over time as it continues to receive the recurring payments. The repayment schedule is flexible, depending on the business’s unique needs. Capchase’s financing facility allows businesses to access as little or as much financing as they need, when they need it, without diluting their equity.

Benefits of Capchase Financing

There are several benefits to Capchase financing, as follows:

1. Unlock Cash for Growth

Capchase financing enables businesses to access the cash they need to invest in growth initiatives without sacrificing equity or taking on debt. This is particularly helpful for businesses with high-growth potential but limited access to traditional financing.

2. Predictable Repayment Terms

Capchase financing has flexible and predictable repayment terms. Businesses only need to repay the financing as they continue to receive recurring revenue streams, and Capchase can tailor the repayment schedule to fit their unique needs.

3. Financial Flexibility

Capchase financing provides financial flexibility for businesses, freeing up cash that can be used to accelerate growth. It can be used to pay for hiring additional staff, investing in sales and marketing, or even to acquire other businesses.

4. Speed and Convenience

Capchase financing is fast, easy, and convenient. The application process has minimal documentation requirements and can be completed entirely online. Once approved, businesses can access the funds they need for growth initiatives almost immediately.


In today’s competitive business landscape, growth-focused companies need all the help they can get to unlock their full potential. Capchase’s innovative financing solution provides businesses with a flexible and convenient way to access the capital they need to invest in growth initiatives without sacrificing equity or taking on debt.

With Capchase, businesses can unlock the value of their recurring revenue streams and invest in growth, accelerating their path to long-term success.