Equity preservation with Capchase financing

Equity Preservation with Capchase Financing

For companies experiencing rapid growth, raising capital through equity funding can be a key strategy. However, this also means giving up a portion of ownership and control in the business. Fortunately, alternative financing options like Capchase have emerged, making it possible to preserve equity while still accessing the necessary funds to fuel growth.

Understanding Capchase Financing

Capchase is a financing solution that allows companies to receive upfront payments for their future, predictable revenue streams. Essentially, Capchase monetizes recurring revenue by buying out future customer contracts. This upfront payment can then be used to invest in the business and support growth initiatives, without having to give up any equity or control in the company.

Benefits of Capchase Financing for Equity Preservation

One of the primary benefits of using Capchase financing is the ability to preserve equity in the business. By not relying solely on equity funding, companies can avoid diluting ownership and control in the company. This is especially valuable for businesses that are scaling rapidly, as they can maintain a larger share of ownership and direct the company’s future path.

In addition to equity preservation, Capchase financing offers other benefits. First, it provides companies with access to funds without incurring any debt. This means they can invest in growth without worrying about making regular payments to lenders. Second, Capchase financing can be obtained quickly and easily, with funding typically available within weeks. This allows businesses to respond quickly to opportunities as they arise, without getting bogged down in a lengthy financing process.

Use Case: Maximizing Profitability with Capchase

One example of a company that has successfully used Capchase financing to preserve equity is a SaaS company offering project management software. This company had experienced rapid growth and was considering raising equity funding to support further expansion. However, the founders of the company were hesitant to give up control and ownership in the business, as they believed it was positioned for significant future success.

After researching alternative financing options, they discovered Capchase. By monetizing their predictable recurring revenue streams, they were able to receive an upfront payment that allowed them to invest in growth initiatives without giving up any equity. This allowed them to maximize profitability by avoiding the dilution of ownership that would have occurred with equity funding.


For companies looking to grow while preserving equity, alternative financing options like Capchase can be invaluable. By monetizing future customer contracts, businesses can access the funds they need to invest in growth initiatives without giving up ownership and control. This approach allows for greater flexibility and can help companies maximize profitability in the long term.