How Vidyard Integrates with Adblockers: Maximizing Your Video Reach

How Vidyard Integrates with Adblockers: Maximizing Your Video Reach

As the internet grows, so does the use of adblockers. Adblockers are tools internet users employ to block ads from websites on their devices. While adblockers are useful for users seeking an ad-free browsing experience, it poses a challenge for businesses that have video content as part of their marketing strategies, affecting the reach of their video content. Thankfully, Vidyard, a video hosting and management platform, has a solution in place that ensures that your video content is still available for viewers that use adblockers.

Understanding Adblockers

As internet usage continues to grow, people become more adept at using adblockers to avoid ads. Some users find ads to be intrusive and annoying, while others feel they slow down their browsing experience. With adblockers blocking ads, video content that contains advertisements can also be blocked, resulting in a limited reach for videos that businesses use to promote their products or services.

How Vidyard Overcomes This Issue

Vidyard has been designed to overcome this issue by using a process called “Adaptive Streaming.” Adaptive Streaming is an advanced technology that detects if a user is using an adblocker and adjusts the video’s streaming process to bypass the adblocker to ensure that viewers still have access to the video content.

Adaptive Streaming does this by identifying where the ad blocker is located within the user’s browser. If an adblocker is present, Vidyard will disable the video’s advertisement during playback. If an ad is present in the video, Vidyard will edit the video to remove the ad and replace it with a blank screen or image that prompts the viewer to disable the adblocker to view the ad content.

The Benefits of Vidyard with Adblocker Integration

Integrating Vidyard with adblockers offers businesses a host of benefits that include:

Increased Video Reach

With Vidyard’s integration, video content has a higher potential reach as more and more people continue to use adblockers. Businesses can be assured that their videos are not blocked by adblockers, ensuring their message is communicated to a wider audience.

Better User Experience

Vidyard ensures a better user experience by offering viewers a seamless video playback experience without any disruption from ads. By removing ads that users may find intrusive, viewers will see a video that is more engaging and flows continuously without interruptions.

Improved ROI

With a wider reach from the integration of Vidyard and adblockers, businesses will see an improvement in their return on investment (ROI) as more potential customers view their video content.


Vidyard’s integration with adblockers is a game-changer for businesses that rely on video content to promote their products or services. By ensuring their video content reaches more viewers, delivering a better user experience and improving their ROI, Vidyard remains one of the top contenders for businesses looking to host and manage their video content.