Optimal Video Lengths for Different Purposes: A Vidyard Guide

Optimal Video Lengths for Different Purposes: A Vidyard Guide

As video continues to dominate the online landscape and businesses of all sizes incorporate it into their marketing strategies, it’s important to understand the impact that video length can have on engagement and effectiveness. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how long a video should be, understanding the optimal lengths for different purposes can help you create effective videos that resonate with your audience. In this guide, we’ll dive into the different lengths to consider for various purposes.

Explainer Videos: 60-90 Seconds

Explainer videos are an effective way to introduce your brand and your products or services to your audience. They should be short and to the point, aiming to keep the viewer’s attention for the entire length of the video. 60-90 seconds is a great length for an explainer video, long enough to provide necessary information but short enough to keep the viewer engaged.

Brand Videos: 2-3 Minutes

Brand videos are meant to showcase your brand’s values, personality, and culture. They’re a great tool for creating an emotional connection with your audience and building brand awareness. A length of 2-3 minutes is ideal for a brand video, giving you enough time to introduce your brand and tell a compelling story without losing your viewer’s interest.

Product Demos: 90-120 Seconds

Product demos are a great way to showcase the features and benefits of your products or services. They should be concise and highlight the most important aspects of what you have to offer. Keep your product demo videos between 90-120 seconds to ensure that your message is clear and your viewer’s attention is kept.

Testimonials: 30-60 Seconds

Testimonials are a powerful way to build trust with your audience by highlighting the experiences of satisfied customers. Keep your testimonials short and sweet, ideally between 30-60 seconds, to allow the viewer to quickly understand the benefits of your product or service from the customer’s perspective.

Webinars: 45-60 Minutes

Webinars are an excellent way to educate your audience about your products, services, or industry. They’re typically longer than other types of videos, but keeping them between 45-60 minutes is ideal to keep the viewer engaged and ensure that you provide enough information without overwhelming them.


As you can see, different types of videos require different lengths to be effective. By determining the goal of your video, you can create a plan to ensure that your message is delivered in an engaging way. Remember to keep in mind the attention span of your audience and aim to deliver your message concisely and effectively. With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating compelling video content that resonates with your audience.


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