Podcasts for Startup Customer Success Strategies

Podcasts for Startup Customer Success Strategies

Starting and running a successful startup is no walk in the park. One essential aspect of building a thriving startup is ensuring customer success. It entails meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing outstanding customer support and services, which can be challenging for newer companies. Podcasts have quickly become an excellent resource for business owners and entrepreneurs to gain insights, best practices, and strategies to improve their customer success tactics. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most valuable podcasts for startup customer success strategies.

1. The Customer Success Podcast

Hosted by Kia Puhm, The Customer Success Podcast, offers in-depth and tactical insights into customer success management. Puhm, a seasoned customer success consultant, discusses relevant topics ranging from the role of customer success as a growth engine to actionable strategies to decrease churn and increase customer retention rates. The episodes are relatively short, with an average length of 30 minutes, making it an excellent option for busy startup owners.

2. Customer Success Leader

Customer Success Leader is a podcast hosted by Megan Bowen, focusing on managing and leading a customer success team. The podcast features interviews and discussions with successful customer success leaders who share their experiences and tactics for scaling customer success teams, implementing customer-centric strategies, and ensuring top-level customer satisfaction. Bowen also covers industry news and trends in each episode and offers practical advice on how to stay at the forefront of customer success.

3. Successly Live

Successly Live is a podcast by Emilia D’Anzica, which features interviews with industry experts sharing their experiences in implementing customer success programs, from strategy to execution. The podcast includes discussions on various topics, including customer advocacy, customer success metrics, and customer communication. D’Anzica brings her experience as the founder of a successful customer engagement consultancy, and the interviews are engaging and informative.

4. Customer Success Radio

Hosted by John Golden, Customer Success Radio, offers interviews with successful entrepreneurs and leaders in customer success. The podcast aims to provide insights into proven customer success strategies and tactics that businesses of any size can implement. Golden’s interviews are engaging, and he brings a perspective on the role of customer success in driving business growth.

5. Helping Sells Radio

Helping Sells Radio is hosted by Bill Cushard, a well-known customer education specialist and author. The podcast features interviews and discussions with customer service experts, sharing their unique experiences and insights on how to create a culture of customer success. Cushard covers everything from product marketing to delivering excellent customer service, making this podcast an excellent resource for startup owners and entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, the importance of customer success for startups cannot be overstated. By tuning into these podcasts, business owners can gain valuable insights and knowledge to improve their customer success strategies. Whether learning about the role of customer success as a growth engine or implementing new customer-centric strategies, these podcasts offer practical advice and tactics from seasoned and successful industry experts, providing a wealth of information to help startups succeed and thrive.