Secure capital for scaling with Capchase

Secure Capital for Scaling with Capchase

Growing a business is an exciting journey but it can be an expensive one. As companies scale, they often face cash flow challenges, since they have to invest in expansion, new hires, and other aspects of growth before they see any returns. This can put a strain on their finances, which is where Capchase comes in.

What is Capchase?

Capchase is a platform that helps businesses secure the capital they need to grow and scale, without incurring any debt or diluting their equity. Essentially, Capchase allows businesses to receive an immediate payout for their future subscriptions and recurring revenue, while their customers pay over time. This gives businesses a reliable source of cash flow, allowing them to focus on growth without worrying about funding.

How Does Capchase Work?

Capchase works by advancing businesses the money they’re owed on their subscription and recurring revenue contracts. Rather than waiting for monthly, quarterly, or annual payments from their customers, businesses can receive the full value of their contracts upfront, minus a small fee. Capchase then collects the payments from customers over the agreed-upon period, usually six to twelve months.

By receiving this upfront payout, businesses have the capital they need to invest in growth, whether that means hiring new employees, marketing campaigns, or product development. The best part is that businesses don’t have to take on any debt or give up equity to investors, as they’re simply receiving an advance on their own revenue.

Why Choose Capchase?

There are several reasons why businesses should consider Capchase as their funding solution. Firstly, Capchase is much easier and faster to obtain than traditional funding options, such as bank loans or venture capital. Businesses only need to show their subscription contracts, making the application process quick and straightforward. Additionally, there’s no credit check or collateral required, meaning that even start-ups or businesses with weaker credit histories can access the capital they need.

Another reason why Capchase is a great option for businesses is that it’s tailored to their specific cash flow needs. Rather than having to make monthly payments on a loan, businesses can pay Capchase back through their recurring revenue, so they’re not struggling to meet additional expenses. This keeps their cash flow smooth and predictable, allowing them to focus on growth.

Finally, Capchase is a much more flexible funding option than other alternatives. Businesses can choose which contracts they want to advance, meaning that they can tailor their funding strategy to their specific growth plans. This makes it easy to pivot and adjust funding as their business evolves.


Secure capital for scaling with Capchase is an excellent way for businesses to grow and scale without being weighed down by debt or diluting their equity. Capchase offers a fast, flexible, and tailored funding solution without having to make monthly payments or put up collateral. With Capchase, businesses can focus on what they do best – growing and expanding their business.