Transitioning from Office to Home-Based Work: Tips and Tricks

Transitioning from Office to Home-Based Work: Tips and Tricks

The pandemic forced many businesses to shift their operations remotely, causing employees to transition suddenly from the office to their homes. While this setup has become the new norm, it can be difficult for some people to adapt to this kind of work environment. In this article, we’ll cover some useful tips and tricks that can help you transition from the office to home-based work successfully.

Establish a designated workspace

The first step in transitioning to home-based work is to create a designated workspace. If possible, it should be a separate area in your home where you can work in peace without distractions. Your workspace should be comfortable, well-lit, and organized to help you focus and increase productivity.

Set up a routine

Without a structured routine, it’s easy to fall into the trap of working whenever you feel like it. However, keeping a fixed schedule has proven to be an effective method. Try to establish a routine that mimics your schedule while at the office. Set specific working hours, breaks, and lunchtime. This helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance and reduces the likelihood of burnout.

Take Breaks

Taking frequent breaks is essential to staying productive. Taking a break every 30 minutes to an hour can help you prevent burnout and maintain focus. It’s easy to get sucked into working without breaks when working from home since there are no colleagues to remind you to take them.

Stay Connected

Maintaining communication with your colleagues is vital to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Make use of tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams to keep in touch with your team and manager, even when you’re not in the same room. Regular updates and feedback are essential for success, so don’t feel shy to ask questions or clarify instructions when necessary.

Stay Organized

Organizing your work environment is just as crucial as keeping a schedule. Make a to-do list of tasks for each day and prioritize them in terms of urgency and importance. This list sets you up for success because it keeps you focused on the most critical tasks for your day, thus keeping you productive.

Take Care of Yourself

Lastly, home-based work can result in a sedentary lifestyle that can quickly affect your overall health. Ensure that you take care of yourself by taking regular breaks to stretch or do a bit of physical activity.

Aside from keeping yourself physically fit, you can also take care of yourself by keeping yourself mentally healthy as well. Take a break from work when necessary, and use that time to do things you enjoy. Doing this helps you maintain balance and avoid burning out.


Transitioning from an office-based job to work-from-home can be challenging. But with these helpful tips and tricks, it’s possible to ace this new work environment and stay productive. Find a designated workspace, set up a schedule, take breaks, stay connected, stay organized and take care of yourself. With time and dedication, you’ll be able to adjust smoothly to the new normal of remote work.