Unconventional Sponsorships: Unlocking New Guerilla Marketing Opportunities

Unconventional Sponsorships: Unlocking New Guerilla Marketing Opportunities

Marketing has evolved tremendously over the years, with businesses constantly on the lookout for new ways to reach prospective customers. One increasingly popular method is guerilla marketing, which involves unconventional, low-cost tactics to promote a product or service. In this article, we will explore a specific aspect of Guerilla Marketing – Unconventional Sponsorships.

What are Unconventional Sponsorships?

Traditional sponsorships are typically associated with sports teams, events, or celebrities. Businesses pay a hefty sum to get their brand name associated with a well-known entity. However, unconventional sponsorships take a different approach by associating a brand with an event or cause not usually associated with advertising. In other words, businesses seek to sponsor something unexpected, thus creating a buzz and reaching new audiences.

Examples of Unconventional Sponsorships

One company that made waves with an unconventional sponsorship was Adobe. They sponsored the New York City MTA subway map, creating a buzz by associating their brand with a useful tool that people use daily. Another example is Red Bull, which sponsors extreme sports events, such as the annual Flugtag competition, where participants build homemade flying machines and jump off a platform above a body of water.

Advantages of Unconventional Sponsorships

One of the advantages of unconventional sponsorships is that they are often much less expensive than traditional sponsorships. They can also generate more buzz, as the association with unexpected events or causes can create excitement and engage audiences who might have otherwise overlooked the brand. Furthermore, unconventional sponsorships offer unique branding opportunities as it allows businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors by adopting a fresh and unique approach to marketing, thus reinforcing their brand identity.

How to Leverage Unconventional Sponsorships

An essential part of leveraging an unconventional sponsorship is identifying the perfect event or cause to align with your brand. Businesses should consider factors such as their target audience and brand personality when choosing their sponsorship. The event or cause should be able to evoke an emotional response and create deep connections with the audience. It is also crucial that businesses thoroughly research and negotiate any sponsorship agreement.


In conclusion, unconventional sponsorships are an excellent opportunity for businesses of all sizes to leverage Guerilla Marketing and reach new audiences cost-effectively. By investing in unconventional sponsorships that align with their brand, companies can create new and exciting ways to interact with potential customers. However, as with all marketing strategies, it is crucial to carefully research and negotiate the sponsorship agreement, ensuring it aligns with your target audience and brand personality.