Using Crowdfunding to Fund Your Company’s Growth

Using Crowdfunding to Fund Your Company’s Growth

Starting a business is a daunting task, but growing it can be equally challenging. Most entrepreneurs grapple with funding for growth, especially when traditional funding sources are declining or nonexistent. In recent years, crowdfunding has emerged as a viable option for raising funds to finance business growth.

Crowdfunding is a funding model that leverages an internet platform to secure investments, loans or donations from a large pool of funders. Crowdfunding can serve as a valuable tool to finance small businesses and startups, given many lending institutions require collateral, personal guarantees or good credit. Additionally, crowdfunding can help validate market demand and create a buzz about a product or an idea in the marketplace.

The Benefits of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding offers many benefits for entrepreneurs looking to raise funds for their business. Here are some of the main advantages of crowdfunding:

Access to Capital

Crowdfunding provides access to capital that was once unavailable to startups and small business owners. This is because it can be challenging to secure funding from traditional sources, such as banks or venture capitalists. Crowdfunding allows you to access capital from numerous people who are interested in investing in your venture.

Validation of Your Idea

Crowdfunding is a great way to validate your business idea or project. Before investing in your business, investors will ask whether there is a market for your product or service. Crowdfunding provides a way to determine the market demand and gather feedback from potential customers.

Enhanced Publicity

Crowdfunding campaigns can also help you generate publicity and attract attention to your business. When you launch a crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be sharing it with your network, and chances are they’ll share it with their network. This can create a ripple effect, leading to press coverage, social media shares, and increased visibility for your business.

Greater Control

Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to retain greater control over their business than traditional funding sources. With crowdfunding, entrepreneurs don’t have to give up equity in their business or relinquish control to investors. This can be advantageous for entrepreneurs who want to maintain control of their business while raising funds for growth.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding platforms emerged as intermediaries between entrepreneurs looking to raise funds and investors looking to invest. Here are some of the most popular crowdfunding platforms available:


Kickstarter is one of the largest and most popular crowdfunding platforms. It’s a rewards-based platform that allows entrepreneurs to raise funds in exchange for products or services. Kickstarter is best suited for creative entrepreneurs with a focus on design, music, films, or gaming.


Indiegogo is another popular crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to raise funds for their creative or innovative projects. Indiegogo offers both rewards and equity-based crowdfunding options, making it a versatile platform for entrepreneurs.


Fundable is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to raise funds in exchange for a portion of their business. Fundable is best suited for startups with established business models, strong management teams, and disruptive technology or business ideas.


GoFundMe is a donation-based crowdfunding platform that allows entrepreneurs to raise money for their cause or project through donations. The platform is well-suited for entrepreneurs looking to raise funds for charitable causes, non-profits, or personal projects.

Tips for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching a successful crowdfunding campaign requires careful planning, execution, and effort. Here are some tips for launching a successful crowdfunding campaign:

Develop a compelling story and message

Develop a compelling story and message that engages potential investors in your business idea. Your story should highlight your passion, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit, and showcase how your business idea solves a real-world problem.

Create a video

Create a video that presents your business idea, showcases your product or service, builds trust with investors, and establishes credibility for your business.

Offer Incentives

Offer incentives, awards or perks to potential investors to incentivize them to invest in your business. The incentives should be aligned with the amount of money invested and should create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Promote your campaign

Promote your campaign on various social media networks, email marketing campaigns, and other relevant channels. Leverage your network and use word of mouth to generate a buzz about your campaign.

Thank your supporters

Thank your supporters and investors for their contributions to your campaign. Keep them informed about the progress of your project and show them how their contributions have helped you significantly.


Crowdfunding has emerged as a valuable tool for entrepreneurs looking to raise funds for their businesses. By leveraging the right crowdfunding platform, entrepreneurs can gain access to capital, validate market demand, generate publicity, and retain control of their businesses. Successful crowdfunding campaigns require careful planning and execution, but in the end, crowdfunding can be a valuable way to achieve your business’s growth objectives.